Linde Faas (1985) is an artist from the Netherlands, currently living and working in Northern Norway.

Linde studied animation at Sint Joost Artacademy in Breda, the Netherlands. In 2008 she graduated with honors with her drawn animationfilm ‘Volgens de vogels (According to birds)’ which was selected for numerous international animationfilm-festivals and won several prizes worldwide. 

After her graduation, Linde began to work as an animator, artist of fine art drawings and illustrator of childrens books. She has illustrated books for Pieter Koolwijk, Griet op de Beeck, Paul Biegel, Tonke Dragt and Rindert Kromhout amongst others. In 2018 she published her first own picturebook ‘Ik neem je mee (Come with me)’. Her second picturebook ‘De jongen en de walvis (The boy and the whale) was published in 2019 and has been translated in more than 10 different languages. 

In her work Linde likes to focus on the small details that are often overlooked. She has a deep love for nature and sees hidden worlds and stories all around her that she want to bring to light. Linde likes to experiment with different materials and combines different techniques in her work. 

Linde Faas showing a sketch in snowy landscape

Northern Norway

Linde has been living in northern Norway since 2017. She moved up to Tromsø, 350 km. above the polar circle together with her husband, who works as a marine biologist and studies whales, to be able to live closer to the wilderness. 

The wild untamed nature of the arctic has been an immense source of inspiration for Linde ever since. She likes to go out in nature to observe the silent world around her and often sits for hours next to a fire with her sketchbook, drawing everything she sees and experiences around her. 

Linde Faas showing sketch


-Third place for the Libris most beautiful bookcoveraward for ‘Briefjes voor Pelle’  written by Marlies Slegers, 2021

– Penzberger Urmel Literatureprize for the illustrations in ‘Die Prinzessin mit den roten Haaren’ together with Dutch writer Paul Biegel, 2015

– Artist in recidency Award, Tricky Women Animation Festival, Vienna, 2010
– Special PISAF Award, Puchon International Student Animation Festival, Korea, 2009
– Special Diploma for ‘the best animators work’, Beginning Student Film Festival, Russia, 2009
– Special Jury Mention, Anim’est International Festival of Animated Film, Romania, 2009
– Judges Award program 1, International Competition, Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF), Australia, 2009
– First prize, Animation Competition, Film Front Festival Gorinchem, 2009
– First prize, Animation Competition, Animationfestival Zwolle, 2008
– Special Jury Award, Kino Proba Animation Festival, Russia, 2008
– First prize, Student competition, Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF), 2008
– Sint Joost penning (Award for the best graduation work of the artacademy), 2008
– Third prize, Invito Invites you, 2006



-Libris most beautiful bookcoveraward for ‘Briefjes voor Pelle’  by Marlies Slegers, 2021

– Jules Groenen Prize, 2008
– Sint Joost Thesis Award, 2008


– Startersstipend Fund BKVB, the Netherlands, 2008
– Artist in Recidency, Vienna, 2010

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